Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Travel Days

Did you know that we're on a grand adventure?

Well, we are!

We left on Monday to grab a "flight" to Montreal.
We had in-flight service:

We had entertainment:

Final call in Montreal:

After a short flight, we were drawing in front of a fireplace in Amsterdam!
Well, some of us were watching TV and others were being vidiots in front of the Children's Forest at Schipol:

We had trunki rides:
And trunki races:

Fast races!

A long, long, looooong flight later (including a lot of whining and puking and sleeping), we arrived in Malaysia!

Keeping the day light, we fed the kids, let them play in the front courtyard and we lost one to exhaustion at 1600:

And at 1800:

And so ended our first three days of our grand adventure.

Stay tuned for the first real day here!

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