Friday, December 23, 2011

Another quiet day

We took the kids to the mall again today. Late-ish. Because we were going to keep it quiet but still wanted to give them something to do. We took the bus again because that is an experience in and of itself.
We stopped at the Christmas trees at the Gardens Mall to get the obligatory shot:

But really all they wanted to do was run around the gazebo:

We dropped them off at Kid's eWorld, an indoor park with lots of kids on school holidays. Reports have it that they built with giant blocks:

And slid into a ball pit:

Later on that night, Da Man and the mothers went off to Petaling Street to have a look at the local sights, sounds and smells:

Lots of "genuine, imitation" going on here:

The chicks stayed home with me and then Uncle Alvin had to go to the shop for a special appointment with a customer so we went with him and the girls were allowed to pick out a soft toy each.

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