Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yeah right!

So, August, September and pretty much all of October has come by and buggered off and what have I done?

I returned to work is what!

Things have been hectic. Our daily routine consists mostly of waking up at the alarm, snoozing a couple times, grabbing sonic showers, waking and dressing the kids and then buckling them into car seats with breakfast in hand. By the time the workday ends, we're scrambling to pick up kids before daycare closes (our kids are the last ones), getting supper on the table with a clingy Tater hanging off my legs, baths and books and bed. By the time we've said the last prayers and tucked the kiddies in, we've been going going going for about 14 hours and we're just about knackered. But wait! There's more stuff to do... We have to clean the supper stuff, throw stuff into the laundry, pack boxes, tidy the main floor, and maybe even squeeze in some TV time.

The new house is moving along steadily. The brick and stonework is all done, there is a lock on the front door now so we can only peep in the windows, the drywall is complete and I think, with only another 5 weeks to go, they are putting in the cabinetry and floors. All the finish work has been delivered (we saw the trim truck backing into (and maybe over) the phone and cable posts sticking out of half our front yard.)

We have been clearing and tidying and piffing as we went along in the old house. Last night Girl-chick acknowledged that we would be moving our beds with us to the new house... otherwise, "where would we sleep mommy?". Arrangements have been made for moving day and beyond. We have a good plan, a better plan and a worst case plan. We can't find something called a Schedule B and neither can our lawyer or the builder! So the mortgage broker is going "Erm, where's the Schedule B folks?" and we're running around and panicking because we have no clue what the heck it even is!

Tater has SIX teeth now. Since she spouted one fang in August, she had two by the end of August and the other four crept along. No more that we can see right now but they will come. She babbles to herself and she can say "Mama", "Dada", "Nana" and "Lila"! Oh and she points to herself in the mirror and says "Baba".

Girl-chick is sprouting like the bad weed she is. She gets more and more adorable and developmentally, she is at the "Okay mommy/daddy" stage. She got into a stubborn rut a while back but as of the last two weeks, she had been 101% co-operative and introspective - a marvelous change! I'm sure that the next time the winds shift direction, we will be in for an eye-opener.

That's it!