Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sans enfants

Today we ditched the kids, Da Man and I, to wander the city and run errands. The kids hung out with Nanny and UncleKev in front of an electronic device:

We went to yet another mall, with the typical fountain in the front:

They had the UN Buddy Bears on display out front too. This is the Canadian bear (we're still not sure how it is representative of Canada):

 It was a kind of typical mall experience, lots of stores with things people really didn't need, at shockingly exorbitant prices people couldn't afford (and yet like sheep, they emerged with bags full of stuff). The giant Christmas tree display had a carousel and a Hello Kitty ride in it which I am certain Girl-chick will love when she spots it, if we ever take her there:

Then, we stumbled upon Tokyo Street:

I wasn't going to go in but I got convinced and lookit all the fun things we saw!
Cute little shops with Japanese things in it, a dollar store called Daiso where I bought a lot of neat little things.

We also saw pastries in the shape of animals!

And little Christmas signs:

The kids were glad to see us at home later that evening; they were well-rested and ready for the evening.
We met up with cousins to use training chopsticks:

Meet up one last time with our Aussie cousins:

Lick the mango off the dessert dish:

Run around on the bridge outside:

And get photographs taken by Chinese tourists who'd never seen white kids before:

AuntyElaine took us on a car ride to take AuntyRufina home and we had two giggly girls riding in the back of the SUV, to be followed by two giggly little girls dressed in pyjamas, being tickled close to midnight.

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