Monday, January 18, 2010

What I did on my Christmas vacation - Tater's story

I had a lot of fun too!
I rolled around on the floor with Mamma.

We found out that my big sissy fits into my party shoes (they are way too big for me but the package said 16 to 20 months).

Remember it's mine OK? Give it back when I can fit OK??

Mamma let me feed myself chocolate mousse.

Some parts of the vacation was too long and I became a basket-case.

I helped Mamma with the laundry. Boy-howdy it's cold in the laundry room! I swiped Sissy's hat while she was a gymnastics.

We did art. Smooshy, colorful art.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I did for my Christmas vacation - Girl-chick's story

I had fun.
We decorated the tree.

We hung our stocking at the fireplace.

Santa brought me a guitar.
I played in a laundry basket.

We made snow angels in the backyard.

When we came back inside, my snow pants ate my boots and it was very silly!

Mummy made chocolate pudding mousse for dessert! I got to lick the beater.

We did a lot of crafts.

We also made rice krispies squares but I did not like it because it was too messy.

I made funny faces. Lots of funny faces.

I had a lot of fun at Christmas vacation with mummy, daddy, tater and nanny. I was glad to go back to daycare because I missed my friends.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What we did on our Christmas vacation - Background

The whole family took Christmas time off from Dec 24th to January 3rd inclusive. Da Man and I are lucky enough to have family-centric employers who do understand the importance of balancing work/life and strongly encourage downtime for the holiday season. Of course, we are also painted into a corner because daycare services are not available to us for the holiday season.
Most years BC (Before Children) we have flown out East when we could afford it to spend the holiday with Da Man's older brother and his family. They had a family and we didn't. They had bags of room and we didn't. Most often, Da Man's mom also spent Christmas there because it would otherwise have been a smidge too lonely on the Big Island.
When Girl-chick arrived, we not only braved four flights for Christmas, we also made a trip in the summer to see the cousins and a separate trip to the Big Island to be christened! Girl-chick did a lot of traveling in that one year and she met a plethora of aunts, uncles, cousins and even the great-grandmother she was named after!
After the Tater came, it no longer became feasible to do all this schlepping about. Tater's life has probably been less exciting, more sheltered. She has not ever been on a plane ride (much less 12 within one year), she has never been on a car ride more than 3 hours in length! (We did go to the cottage for a visit and it was almost 3 hours drive away)
This year, Nanny came here for a visit instead to spend time with her littlest grandchildren and to check out the new house. This has been good because that has meant a warm home after work, Tater is picked up early instead of being the last little kid at YaYa's, and, and, AND supper is ready to be served as soon as we get in (that one is important!).
We had fun. We toured the outside of the house, we tidied up, we put up the tree and stockings, we did crafts and went on quite a few car rides. Of course, the grown-up version is so much more... blah than what Girl-Chick and Tater can tell! Read their stories instead.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A wallet for me - anyone else?

Ggggrrrhhhh... I've been trying for several days now to post this on FB to offer some to anyone else.
I posted the other day on FB that I made a new wallet for myself. Nothing fancy. Just a little wristlet I made by following a tute from Spool{}. Immensely pleased with my efforts, and wanting to experiment with it, I started on making more as birthday gifts for some wonderful nieces. Then a co-worker asked for one.
I got to thinking...
While I'm cutting out pieces anyway, I could mass-produce some more for other people!
So, I tried and tried to post pics on FB to see if anyone else would like one. Errors galore! I don't even know where to begin ranting about my FB experiences since the new year began.
And then, inspiration. Why not just post it here and then link back to FB?

Here is what I made for myself:

I love the combination of fabrics - mere scraps I bought from Tonic Living as remnants.The button is from Nanny's old button tin that Da Man used to rifle through as a boy. I think it came off a duffel coat belonging to someone in the Garden.

This here be the main compartment with space for credit/bank cards and space for anything else you may want to put in. I have all my cards in those pockets - holds 4 on each side or more if you double/triple up and the big section holds two pens and my check book comfortably. With bags of room to spare.

And here is a picture of the outside pocket. It holds scrap paper and receipts right now.

Wish list for upgraded versions:
  1. A zippered pocket on the back for loose change, bus tickets, passes, etc
  2. A detachable wrist strap
  3. A more expandable silhouette
If anyone reading this would like one, here is the deal:
  1. You can send me fabric of your choosing or let me choose for you (you can specify a favorite color)
  2. You have to be willing to wait - I can only sew when time and sanity allow and right now, Girl-chick's birthday looms and I have just cut out loot bags for the little girls
  3. You have to accept a certain wonkiness as I experiment
  4. You may have to fund me either in fabric or a small bit of $$ - fabric ain't cheap. Correction: NICE fabric ain't cheap
PM me if you want one. I'd love to make one for you!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Angels

Today is the fourth or fifth day in a row we have had snowfall.
Sometimes, it spirals down lazily, big fat delicious flakes.
Sometimes, it beats against the windows in a rhythmnic tippety-tappety, little needles of ice.
Sometimes, it comes at us sideways, forced by a puff of Jack Frost's breath, nuggets of soft crystals.

Today the kidlets ventured outside to get some fresh air and "shovel" the driveway.

The Tater went back in with Nanny and looked out with envy...

As we flopped in the back and made snow angels!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Another year is upon us.
It is a small vine laden with bunches of promise ready-to-burst.
Girl-chick and Tater will discover things about their world themselves, delightful snippets of information they will process into the great big ball of the World As We Know It.
Da Man and I will laugh with tears in our eyes, cry with aching sides, and perhaps even shake our heads in stunned disbelief while our progeny go through this process of discovery.
Our extended families, wherever they may be in the world, will likewise grow - up, together and maybe even regrettably, apart.
But grow we will.
This is the Dawson's Nest resolution for this year: We will grow. We will delight in the growth process. We will take life's twists and turns as it happens and enjoy the ride too.