Monday, December 19, 2011

Stay-at-home day

Monday was a quiet stay-at-home day for most of us. Girl-chick was fighting off a virus all weekend and we wanted to give her a day to just get over it. Da Man and his Mudder went off to the mall for pretty much the whole day for Operation Ho-ho-ho, my mum and brother went off to do some admin stuff while he was back in the country - that pretty much left me to wrangle the two cats. By noon, Tater had dissovled into a puddle of tears and begged to skip lunch and go to bed. Off to bed she did go and she snoozed until 1500. Girl-chick picked at some lunch and then I popped her in bed for a nap too with the promise of a reward if she did snooze. She drifted off around 1300 and woke up 3 hours later well rested. Both kiddoes were famished so I fed them whatever they wanted. People started trickling back to my brother's house around 1600 and we did Leftover Roundup to clear the fridge.
The surprise?
We went to the night market!
No pictures. Hard enough to hang on to the children as we bust our way through the narrow crowded aisles. Adding a camera to the mix would have been hard. Da Man and I will head back another night sans enfants to take pictures.
We sampled interesting things including fish balls, sweet potato balls and rambutans. Portable food.
Girl-chick was bummed because she was promised a Hello Kitty t-shirt but we couldn't find any in her size that didn't look like it belonged on a HosRUs employee (read: spangly and tarty). Uncle Alvin did spy a Cut the Rope t-shirt which we picked up for 10RM - about 3CAD. Noice! Now we need to find something tacky for the Tater too.
Once again, no pics. More today...

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