Monday, December 19, 2011

The day after the wedding

Also known as 'Free Day' as sagely reminded by Girl-chick...

We woke up late and enjoyed the hotel room a little longer until the first grumbles of "I'm hungry..." and then made our way down to the cafe for breakfast. There was a furrow on Girl-chick's brow as we reminded her that she was '4' if anyone asked. We tucked into a lot of fruits and some sort of Asian style 'bacon' made with beef and Da Man wolfed down a lot of hashbrowns with ketchup - it being free day and all...

We waited for my brother to come and collect us and while we waited, the vidiots went 'camping'. That is, they fashioned tents out of pillows to block out the light.

We went to the other pool to swim at the clubhouse where the bride and groom spent the night. They lollygaggled some more while we splashed in the pool.

At the end of the afternoon, the girls were a little worse for wear but I hope they had a nice day.

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