Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

The crazy Dawson crew woke up early to a breakfast of bacon and toutons and then we went to...
We went to Stanley's and met up with some friends.
On the way there, Girl-chick decided to wear her Easter basket as a hat.

They have a fantastic play structure and Tater did a lot of swingin' 'cos that's what she likes to do. All. Day

Girl-chick took off for the rest of the playstructure.

But she eventually came back to the swing too and enjoyed a quiet bit of a taffy treat.

Then it was off to the rocks!

There was time for Mummy-love.

There was time for Daddy-love.

The last thing we did was go on a wagon ride. Girl-chick "drove".

Thank you Barry. Thank you Chris.

And the lovin' continued at home too!

We hope all our family and friends had as wonderful day as we did!