Monday, December 19, 2011

Family reunion day

There was more family time today as the first day of the wedding celebrations. We have cousins from all over the region coming as the entire clan is in town.
We kept the morning light and easy as we knew that the night was going to be busy. We stayed in until after lunch when we were dropped off at the mall (again!) to meet up with our cousins from Perth.
We fed the kids in the food court upstairs. Tater loves 'chicken and wice':

We dropped the kids off at the play center so we could get some last minute wedding shopping done. On the way back out to my brother's house for the family reunion dinner, we stopped by the 'mountains' (she means fountains...)
Where the cousins got a small dip in the water:
Once we got there, it was a lot of hurrying about to get ready for all the relatives pouring in to visit the family. No pictures as we were too busy catching up with all of them! My brothers and I haven't been in the same country (all three of us) since 1991!
Girl-chick had fun playing with cousins and meeting up with aunties and uncles. The travel game became handy:
Tater didn't quite make it through the night and was passed out in my lap by about 2000:

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