Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tater: TWO!

Can't believe my Tater is 2. Years. Young.

Has it been that long? How is it possible that the sweet, impatient baby we were expecting for Daddy's birthday is now a sassy, imperturbable toddler? When did my cuddly little potato become such a whirlwind of obstinance?

Tater's birthday started off with a family birthday close to the day she was actually born. Her godparents came out to share that day with her and it gave me a chance to do dry runs of her cake (it's supposed to be a rainbow - I have given up decorating with whipped cream icing and it may be upside down.)

and also give her the gifts we had planned. Family gifts.

She received the most adorable play barn and sippy cups from DaMan's brother and his family. They had a giant IKEA right across from the hotel they were staying at when they went to Wonderland.
Cousins from California sent her the cutest pair of boots we hope will fit around Easter.

Hiding underneath that sheet is a wooden play kitchen that DaMan set up the night before and we did our darndest to keep the kiddos out of the basement the whole day. I don't know if I can do this but here is a video of the reaction (boots and all!):

It is unfortunate that she went off camera but the squeal is priceless! As was the whole body shaking with excitement. Those kids LOVE their play kitchen and it was well worth the money spent on it. Originally, DaMan had promised to build them one from the wood left from building and then salvaging the Murphy wallbed in the old house. The project got bigger and bigger and slightly out of hand (my bad - there's just so much I want to have for the kids). Anyway, DaMan and MrG (the neighbour) agreed that it may as well be easier to buy the kitchen if I could find one for a reasonable price. The salvaged wood will become garage shelving and furniture.

We did have little friends over on the weekend for another birthday party but silly me, in the midst of the cooking and getting ready, I didn't whip out the camera for pictures. Oh well.

Here is the Tater on the day she was brought home (a week old):

At 1:

And now:

My darling girl, don't grow up too fast!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Girl-chick: Routine

Around our shack, we bathe the kids every night. It's not that they need it but it is a part of the routine and it is a comfortable routine that the kiddos can look forward to every night. Sometimes we skip it. We may take off to the cottage for the day and have too much fun until much too late. We may decide to go to CrazyCo instead. BUT we're talking about a routine here people.
Bathtime starts obviously in the bathroom. DaMan used to have the "Bathtub Express" but lately it's been abandoned. It was quite funny to watch him go "Chugga chugga choo choo" all the way up the stairs with two little kidlets in tow. Even the Tater would perk up and go "Choo choo" when it was mentioned.
After baths, we all jump onto the big spare bed in Girl-chick's room to dry off and get dressed. There is a ritual around this too. First, we get dried off and in the case of the Tater, greased (right now we are using Avene and the rashy areas have calmed down a lot). Then, the hair dryer is brought out. DaMan combs out Girl-Chick's wild locks, ever so gently. Me, not enough patience and that always ends in tears (hers, not mine). Tater has not much to speak of yet and still, what is there is starting those delicious little curly edges.
Tonight, Girl-Chick got braids. Because I had the patience.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slowly building momentum...

Sorry it's been busy around here again. I did get a good start with the girls' days for two whole weeks but other things happen around this household too you know... chores have to be done, bills have to be paid, sewing has to be completed, curtains have to be put up, lawn has to be mown... etc etc. I have updates and stories to tell a-plenty! I just have to get around to uploading pictures and writing them out for all and sundry.
In the meantime, we are not getting caught in the wave of back-to-school flurries, we are lazily enjoying the rest of the lazy, muggy days and we are all looking forward to a few fresh feet of glorious snow! (But not before I sew up some jackets please!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tater: First haircut

My sweet little baby got her first haircut. The long strands of fuzz were getting into her eyes and during baths, she started to look like the dude from the Fifth Element with the funky lopsided hair.

Here is her hair from the back in three ponies and clippies to keep it all under control. It is very fine baby hair but "they" say that if you cut it, it will get thicker.

She sat very very still for Sparkle and checked herself out in the mirror the whole time.

Way to go my big girl!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Girl-chick: Larnin' the trade!

We are very much a do-it-your-(own-damn)-self kind of family and firmly believe that we are the best teachers for our children.

DaMan took the opportunity today to show the girl-chick how to mud.

We had these two ginormous holes in the powder room wall from a badly hung glass shelf. DaMan finally got sick of things wobbling about and sliding off said shelf so he took it off. Huge. holes. (Wish I had a picture now but imagine holes the size of a dime).

Yesterday, we made the obligatory "I'm bored, nothing to do" run to Home Depot. Girl-chick brought a bucket of mud (a.k.a. drywall compound) to the cash.

Today, Da Man gave her a thingamabobber (what the heck are they called? Trowels?) and showed her how to slap mud on the hole. (Yes mum, she's standing on the toilet lid. We have warned her not to do it unless instructed to do so by a crazy parent.)

DaMan: You see how you can put it on really thick.... and you can use the big flat side to smooth it out. You can put lots on but not too much. It's like when you put on make-up, you can't put too much on or it will look ugly.

Yes mum, he did say that.

And the Tater wanted to get in on the action too...

Next week: electrical wiring maybe?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tater: Free-Range

We're not helicopter parents. Never have been and never intend to start. The kids are allowed to test their boundaries (within certain limits) and they are encouraged to learn. on. their. own.

Why am I writing this?

Because today is the first day of Yaya's vacation.
Because today I had a mother's helper while I tried to work.
Because I sent my mother's helper home before the day was over.

It was not her fault. She's only 14 and learning how to herd cats.

Tater figured out where I was and kept hammering on the office door for attention.

So, in the downpour today, on came the boots and out went the Tater to explore rain...

Red boots and all...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Girl-Chick: Soccer


On Sundays, Girl-chick goes to soccer. It is a parent-and-me skills development thing five minutes away from our house and she gets to spend a whole hour

running after the ball

doing something called "bobbling" (?)

and kicking the ball.

The Tater gets to hang out with me at home to clean and cook supper if it is too hot out or if it is nice, we go too and wander the woods and trails around the soccer pitch.

Occassionally, we let her chase the ball too.