Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June... already??

I have to sincerely apologize to my readership of... 1 (erm, sorry mum!) for not updating this blog lately.

Many, many things are on the go.

Many, many things have happened. Milestones achieved. Yadda yadda yadda.

Let me recap the last two months real quick and maybe later on I'll sort of back track and fill in gaps...

1) The great basement re-do is finally finished!!! YAY. As of Monday May 31st, the nice people at Westboro slapped on the carpet that matched our stairs and we let the kids roll around in it at the end of the day. But not too long. The whole reason the rest of the house is hardwood is to help Girl-chick cope with her asthma. True enough, within 3 minutes of being in the stinky basement full of VOCs, she was gasping for breath. So, we called supper time and went back up, after all the windows were opened to air her out (Shoulda done it earlier, I know). Da Man and I are after cleaning up the basement and vacuuming it up so that we can eliminate more of the loose VOCs and other debris in the air.I worked in my nice new little office space on Tuesday and cracked open all the doors and windows. We're still waiting on Bun to tell us it is OK to move the rest of our remaining sticks out in the garage in so we can organize. Oh and get this, we just realized last night that we didn't budget for furniture for the basement! So, my work desk is the antique sewing machine table that was gifted to me by a co-worker, the kids toys are in that bin organizer thing that Aunt Carolyn passed on to us and everything else is in a box, or a basket or randomly occupying the floor. We can make do for quite a while I think and we are realistic enough to know that our whole house will be empty for a while - doubling the size of your house will do that to you!
2) Da Man went to his IPSC course and had fun! At least I think he had fun. He ditched us girls last weekend and headed out to EOHC where it was a full day of "Load, Aim, Fire!" all day long. Or was it "Run, Aim, Fire!". He has been whining since he got back on Sunday that he aches all over and his brain took a wander and hasn't returned (apparently they make you think when you're pointing a gun at a paper target). And yer walk funny too bud-deee!
3) NO more training wheels!!! On Friday May 14th, Da Man took off the training wheels and pushed Girl-chick down a hill (OK, his words: "nudged down a small incline") and she took off!!! She has discovered a better speed without them clunky training wheels and zips around all. the. time. Thank goodness we took the time to teach her proper bike riding and street crossing. I am proud of my four-year-old Girl-chick.
4) Tater talks. Tater chatters. Tater tells us stuff. In sentences. We have finally hit the language explosion phase of the Tater's development. Yes, as a second time around, we are always comparing her: Girl-chick was doing this at that age, etc. But, developmentally, she is pretty much bang on. She ran over the other day with her shoes from the porch and said "Mama, shoes, out, NOW, peeeease?". Yeah. I got the hint. She loves Crazylegs fiercely. Crazylegs is her "bibby" and Bunny is her "Bundy". Maybe sometime soon I will make more Crazylegs' and even clothes for the poor nekked dollie. As soon as I can organize the office in the basement (see #1).
5) Me? I'm status quo. Work is work. Sunfish Creations has taken a backburner for a while. The Etsy shop cannot be stocked until I sort out the office. I do have some twirly skirts coming up for order for Canada Day with the R.E.D "Tourist Trap" beavers. I think Sue is taking them into her shop and selling them for me. Girl-chick needs new duds too and Tater has grown so much I have to dig into the 3 year old dresses and skirts to dress her modestly. This mornings outfit was just barely past the bottom of her bloomers (Size 2). I am currently completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other - no worries mum, just a sinus infection. I'll shake it off soon enough and if not, I'll fill in the scrip for the antibiotics.

And.... that's it! Camera is somewhere.... Photos may be available... Soon?