Friday, March 26, 2010

Mamma! Wan' dub-dub peeeeeeeease!

Yup, that is the Tater's first real sentence.With an object, subject and predicate and some other sentence-y things thrown in for good measure! That's what she said today at supper time, asking for ketchup. Am I proud? I am proud.
My little Tater is growing so fast and is so very naughty and yet I love her.
We have had a rough few days. First Girl-chick woke up early Monday morning barfing in her hair. And she was poorly for two days, absolutely miserable. Luckily for me because I had a boat-load of work to plow through that Da Man stayed home Monday. I got enough work wrapped up that we even managed a quick trip to Home Depot but the Girl-chick just sort of *drooped* all over the car-cart that we normally never get to score. By Tuesday she was on the mend though. And she said to me in the afternoon, "Mummy, I am going to be not sick tomorrow and I am going to daycare. I don't like to be sick."
Wednesday morning, the barfies struck yet again. Poor Tater was kind enough to stand up along the crib rail and yuck onto the floor but splashback caused me to have to change the sheets anyway.
There's a lot of laundry waiting around in piles.
By Wednesday evening, she was better and, because of the same boatload of work, called up my daycare provider and asked if it was OK to bring her back and she said yes. (You're a SAINT). She did have an amazing day.
Me, Thursday, not so good. I did get through the boatload of work. I also did manage to get to a sink in time. 'Nuff said.
What was Girl-chick's fist bona-fide sentence? It was approximately three years ago, almost to the month.We took her out to the park and asked her which way to go. She pointed 'thataway' and said, "Wan' that way!".
Did I mention the laundry in piles?