Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Valentine's that was...

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!

I apologize for being one day late.

Mondays are normally bad for me because I have to go into the city for work. So it's rushrushrush from the get-go in the morning. And the kids just get shuffled along and then work gets done and by the end of the day, I am done!

Last night, after we had put the kids to bed and I had settled in to do some more non-work-related work, the Tater woke up screaming and absolutely would not settle. So, I took her into my bed and settled in for the night.

The poor Tater finished up her first course of meds for her ears last weekend and this past weekend found the Tater and Da Man back at the after-hours. Her ears did not heal over and was starting to get all manky again. Ah. That would explain the 104 fever on Friday night. So, now she is on some stronger meds.

The girls did go into daycare on Monday. We dropped them off in their new criss-cross tunics along with a handful of pencils to give to the other kids. They came home with a small bag of cards each.

A few weeks ago, Girl-chick's teacher sent me an e-mail about how she stumbled upon a suitcase full of fabrics she had been hoarding for a while with the intention of making things with it. Well, 20 years down the road, nothing had been made with these fabrics and she is packing for her monumental move to the other coast and she gave it all to me. (Muahahahahaaa...)

These tunics are made entirely from some pieces of that stash! The hearts (got lots left!) paired up with a neon pink lips fabric for the Tater and the other side of Girl-chick's is a floral, chintzy purple. Reversible. Love. What I really enjoyed about sewing these up was the speed in which it worked up (2 hours total from cutting to complete and top-stitched - for both.) What I loved about sewing these up was the little Mobius strip-like way in which the whole design worked! I started top stitching at one point and just ended back up at the same spot! How. Cool. Is. That?!?

Here's a parting shot of the kids wearing their tunics:

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