Monday, February 21, 2011

Family games

Last weekend, while the Tater was getting over yet another bout of yucky ears, we decided to stay put and not do much. Keeping it low-key.

We played games!

Girl-chick received this game for her 3rd birthday (but we only got around to opening it the other day):

We had a blast! Da Man kept his running record of longest chain ev-ah with all twelve on the chain.

Girl-chick loved the challenge of stringing them up in chains:
The Tater made the game her own, grabbing at two at random and sticking them together with her hands. She's 2 - whaddaya do??

Eventually, Tater lost interest and moved on to another game. One more her speed...

Now, this one she can do!

We're thinking of adding more to our game repertoire. We have the Simpson's Monopoly and Simpson's Clue but those are a leetle too old for the kiddies just yet...
What games do you play?


  1. At that age, my kids liked Giggle Wiggle and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Be warned, the hippos game can get noisy!

  2. Ooh I can get Hungry Hungry Hippos but I have never heard of Giggle Wiggle. Will have to check it out. I saw Elefun but it looks too messy for my OCD to handle. Imagine finding butterflies everywhere!