Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tater: Getting better


This is short and sweet.

Most of you know that the poor Tater was under the weather last week. Nothing big, no drama. She's much better now that she has had some meds in her.

Wednesday she was boiling with a temp of 104 and it sort of hovered around there for days. This was a common sight:

We did finally take her to the walk-in on Sunday and it turned out to be her ears yet again.

The Tater does not complain. My sister-in-law thinks it is because she already has to deal with her sore hands all the time that another ache or hurt doesn't faze her. Could be. So, through the many bouts of oozy ears already we have learned to recognize the smell of an icky ear. We caught a whiff of this quite serendipitously the summer she was a babe. Sweet, sickly rot. And we wondered what it was for days because, like I said, the Tater does not complain! That time, we found out during a routine 1-year check-up for the Tater. Turns out the smell is the stench of pus, oozing out of her ear. Ewwwwwww..

Anyway, every time she's got the snots or just plain feelin' or lookin' icky, we sniff her ears. She thinks it is funny...

This time round, there was no smell which is why we left it so late.

PLUS, something is going around this city. When I went to register the Girl-chick for school, the hallways were lined with all the ill children waiting to go home! And the walk-in had a wait time of 3 hours! On a Sunday!

But, the good news is she's getting back to her old piss and vinegar self...


  1. Hey Wendy ... given all her allergies, have you tried taking her off milk. From 2 to 5 I had upwards of 10 ear infections every year. Turned out to be an intolerance to milk ...


  2. Joce, I never thought of milk as a factor! She's dependent on her milk though although the Girl-Chick has been surreptitiously easing herself off the white stuff. I may try and wean her off the stuff.
    How are you guys? Any updates? Still waiting for pictures of the next cruise/vacation and also of the new house progress!!