Thursday, February 3, 2011

Updates on the Craft front

Just a quick mish-mash of crafty stuff happening here. I have my hands on several things at once including cute crochet hats for Easter, dresses for the summer and the ever-growing birthday present list. I also did a small Pay It Forward on Facebook and have lists of things to make and send (I shan't tell you about those until after they are sent)!

So, what's been completed this week (Note I said completed - some of these were cut out and started on weeks ago!)

1) I finally got around to my mend pile and saw this on the top so I finished it. It is a Sandi Henderson Claire which I don't think they sell any more. I made this for a theme week at daycare maybe two summers ago but I didn't think to read sizing and it fit Girl-Chick snug and ran on the small side (and my Girl-Chick is tiny!). She outgrew it toot-sweet and I brought it down to fix up for the Tater for this summer. Hopefully it fits her :).
2) Some Ruffled Neckline Dresses for the nestlings and cousins - the two on the left belong to Girl-Chick and Tater. They often come into the office, play around the piles of fabric and pick out what they want ("shopping"). Girl-chick picked out the combinations on Rememberance Day last year:

3) Some Emily pleated dresses for the same girls (except the two middle ones - the brown and pink one is bespoken by the Tater and the yellow monkey one was her first birthday dress and it is still kicking around from 2009!). Also cut out and started around Christmas (meant to be Christmas presents that just never made it! Easter?):

 4) Some simple belts because their trousers are always falling off!

Mostly I am trying to clean out this stash:

And face the horror of this ironing surface (while working on some shorts for a little cuz in Cali):

And... preparing to start on the February project for this:

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  1. Your dresses are lovely!
    That book looks so great, I cannot wait to see what you make!