Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tater: Words my Tater says

At almost 2 and a half, my Tater is going through her language explosion. We don't compare our kids because at the same age, Girl-chick was running circles around adults with her impressive language skills. That child could string up 5 to 7 word sentences and make profound statements with the oddest but most apropos words ever! Fr'instance, she could talk at length about her allergies and what foods she could and could not have. Once, when she was struggling with the zippers on her snowsuit (just a little past 2), she exclaimed, "I am quite FUSTRATED with this zipper!".
Tater, on the other hand, is more reticent with her language but we have picked up some gems from her!
Last night we had "blocowi" {broccoli} with our "pous-pous" (and sometimes "kung-kung") {couscous} and for "dedert" {dessert} we offered them some "boobewwies" {blueberries}.
A week ago, she declared, "I'm MAD at-choo!"
Her favorite saying is, "What-choo SAY?!?"

Gotta love that kid.

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  1. That last one is my best friend's favorite thing to say to me! "WHAT choo say to me?!?!?" Hahahahaha. So cute!!