Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girl-chick and Tater: Weekend recap - Sunday

Overnight on Saturday, the skies opened up and dumped a whole bunch of the white stuff on us. We really wanted the kiddies to nap as there was a baptism in the afternoon that I needed them to behave at so we threw them out to play in the white stuff. It was, to girl-chick's disappointment, the white stuff of the soft, fluffy variety. Normally by now, we get the wet, heavy, sticky snowman snow. Not yet...

On to the photos!
(I only use a small Canon A710 that is old and starting to display CCD errors so the photos are mostly crappy but for now, at least I have photos right??)

This is what we saw out the front window:

They set to digging out the driveway, maybe about a foot fell...

Soon enough, they had a mound built up on the other half of the driveway (the half we don't use):

And then before you knew it, there were stairs carved into it:

It's for the king of the castle to climb.

We went inside for lunch and this is what we found in the porch:

(abandoned snowsuit, still with boots attached!)

After lunch and a too-brief nap, we got ready to head all the way out to the East end again, further east than yesterday!

The Tater chose sparkly blue, flower-shaped buttons for the placket on her Jump Rope dress. Not a bad choice for a random pop of color.

I am not really loving the way the sash sits on the purple dress. Perhaps the sash was cinched too tight? The dress does look better in one solid fabric rather than a mix of fabrics like the purple dress. That was all the purple flower fabric I had though so needs must.
The rest of the day had no pictures. I was too busy keeping the Girl-chick out of the baptismal font to take pictures. And then, too busy keeping the baby and the dog separate at out friends' house. And then too busy reminding them children not to scratch all the way home. (They're both allergic to animal dander and eggs and we forgot to give them some Aerius beforehand.)

By the time we bathed the kids and put them in bed, Girl-Chick looked like she had gone ten rounds in a boxing match and lost and Tater looked like a bad case of goiter. (Benardyl worked it magic overnight!)

And that was our weekend!

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