Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girl-chick and Tater: Weekend recap - Saturday

This was a very busy weekend and a very busy week to start off so combining posts today...

On Saturday, we skipped our customary rhythmic gymnastics class to get the Girl-Chick down to the dentist for her regular cleaning. While we were waiting, the Tater climbed the steps in the mall.

After the dentist/hygenist, we took advantage of the fact that we were clear across town to go visit the RCMP Musical Ride Open House. Da Man and I have been to watch the actual Musical Ride, before the kiddies came along and when they are done their tour this year and return to Ottawa, we will bring the girls back out to watch too. It's a wild ride!

We met the RCMP Safety Bear whom Girl-Chick was quite happy to shake hands with...

but the Tater wanted no part of it!

There was a lot of information about the RCMP all the way through the hallways - kinda boring for two littles so we forged ahead to the main indoor training yard where other representatives of all the emergency services were on hand to provide demonstrations.

The Girl-Chick had great fun running the mini obstacle course set up by the Army:

There were a lot of horses in the stables, all the same color:

(hi big guys!)

Soon enough, the kids were hungry and needed lunch so we went to hunt for something special.
Girl-Chick demonstrated why her socks were always wet despite really good boots:

We went to our special treat restaurant, St Hubert - special because it is all the way over to the East end and always packed full of people so we never go.

There was an intense study of the menu:

And some pre-lunch art:

And after that, there was a trip home and an afternoon nap.

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  1. Looks like you all had a fun weekend. Ours was boring. Haircut for the kids and a trip to the shopping centre to get a birthday gift.