Thursday, March 17, 2011

100% pinch-proof

Happy St Patty's!

To pinch-proof my kiddies, I whipped up these two dresses from some t-shirts and sewed on some quick fleecy shamrocks on the front.

(these are the best pictures I could find that did not show their faces. They were nice and squeaky clean from baths last night and I let them try it on. Camera is on the way out hence grainy pictures)

I am in the midst of drafting up some new clothes for summer and it all started with this:

Da Man's large, comfy Roots t-shirt that he was no longer wearing and hung all sad and lonely in the closet. I applied scissors to it one night and one hour later:

Cute little twirl dress for #1 princess!

I made a mistake on the measurements (forgot it was on the fold) and didn't think the extra inch I was leaving for room to expand was going to cause a four inch increase! Only complaint was: "It's too FAT mummy!"

No worries, Version II were the St Pat's dresses and they seem to be working fine. The shamrocks are only tacked on lightly so that I can take them out tonight and they will have dresses for the rest of the summer. Still have some fidgeting to do with the patterns until I am happy.

For today, they are 25% Irish, 25% English, 35% Chinese, 15% Miscellaneous and... 100% pinch proof!

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