Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tater: Whirlwind

In our house we have a saying: "Tater loves like a bulldozer".

She loves with such fierce emotion that she literally bowls you over! When she is excited, her whole body trembles with excitement. When she is happy, she is full on 120% hap-hap-happee!

This little puzzle is also a dichotomy. When she was little, for the longest time, she would not smile. Not for anybody, not at anybody. Later, Mamma would draw out a slow smile. But it was not a guarantee. No, Mamma had to work for it! No amount of tickling would elicit giggles, no level of Peek-a-boo would be rewarded with grins. She would not look anyone in the eye.

Now, she is still slow to react, she is still hesitant and shy, preferring to hang off Mamma's legs but the people she loves, the carers she bonds with, she LOVES with all her heart!

This is a completely random post with a completely random pic. They gre grassheads from the Chirp magazine a while back around Hallowe'en. They're still sprouting a few months later and we are considering giving them a trim.

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