Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm busy

Yes indeedy!

I have this week alone:
1) an Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress half constructed for a little birthday girl.
2) another O + S Jump Rope Dress after that for the birthday girl's sister - BUT I only have size 4 to 8 and I need to check the fit and decide where to scale down for the little one.
3) summer clothes!! Yes, it is not even mid-winter yet but I have to keep ahead of the game. I have pulled out many cut pieces and I am putting the final touches on them so they can be worn this summer. Simple things like pillowcase dresses and shirred sundresses. I tried one on the Tater yesterday to mark strap placement and such. She loved it. But I think I may be ripping out the shirring and re-doing it. Looked too tight to me. Maybe space them out better.
4) many, many recons from the pile. I have cut up some old t-shirts to make bloomers to go under skirts, old dresses that are too short are being reclaimed as skirts, and some butt ugly dresses from the 80s (I mean seriously folks, those poofy sleeves!) have been stripped down to be plain ol' skirts and salvaged trim for projects.

This is what my office looks like today...

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