Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tater: We wish you a Mewwy Kwifmas...

Yes, the Day is over. But today (Yes, I am a day late with the Tater's day and she is pre-empting Da Man with an Important Announcement) is Little Christmas, the Twelfth Day so it is still apropos.

I have to log this. I absolutely have to. It is too cute for words and come the same time next year, it may not manifest itself again. And I have to record it somewhere.

Here is the Tater singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" only her version is ever so slightly cuter:

For those without the Deciphertron Widget (TM) v2.3, she is saying:
We wish you a Mewwy Kwifmas and a Happp-pee Noo Youu (all done!)

Today is Little Christmas. I mentioned that earlier didn't I? It is the twelfth day of Christmas. I think it's lords-a'leaping or something but we don't have little lords floating around here so Mrs Santa will do. Every year, on Little Christmas, Mrs Santa leaves a small sack of goodies just like the Mr did a mere 12 days ago. Where the jolly fella gives out extravagant things like toys and candy, the sweet little missus is more practical: Mrs Santa brings a new toothbrush and washcloth to the kiddies! This year, Mrs Santa is also bringing to the Tater and Girl-chick some bathtub paints along with the washcloth because she believes fun should be had even in the bath tub. And, to top it all off, because the missus does like a little bling (hint! hint! Santa!) the little girls are also getting necklaces.

*I promise to update with pictures as soon as I get them tonight!*

I rummaged about and found some cute gift bags in our gift bag stash (and has since been folded neatly back into it) and had this waiting for them when they got home. I used their bling as tags:

Girl-chick: "I've ALWAYS wanted a new toothbrush! How did she know?"

Tater showing Da Man what flavors of paint she got.

And a Happ-pee new You to you all! Tomorrow, the tree goes down and we put away all the Christmas decorations for another 350-some-odd days.

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