Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girl-chick: Discovering sewing

As promised (and we'll see how long this lasts), here is the first post of the first Monday of a new year (LOL I am TWO days late!). Today is the Girl-chick's day....

For Christmas, Girl-chick received a small learn-to-sew kit in her stockings (no idea where on earth I picked it up now!). I figured she was at the right age and perhaps some time this year, we will actually break into the little Singer she received for her third birthday from a well-meaning friend.

She did well.

It's still half done because it was started late in the day and then the rest of the day kinda intervened BUT, she got the hang of it! She was shown maybe once or twice what to do and she followed along. I see the self-satisfaction in her eyes and I know I have sparked something.

I am a proud mamma today.

'Twas a good start...

There was concentration...

The needle flew with flair!

For now, it sits on a dresser in the kitchen, half done because we are now back in the routine. She does remember it though and we will pick it back up again soon enough.

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