Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catch-up/Tater: Her poor sore hands

We knew what we were getting into.

We both have strong family histories of the allergic cascade - asthma, allergies and eczema so we knew that our kids would have some combination of the three.

Girl-chick has severe food-based allergies and is also violently allergic to animal dander - we took her to a friend's house once which had a very friendly dog and cat but by the time we left, her cheeks were bleeding. Her asthma has caused us numerous alarming trips to the Children's Hospital but right now is controlled by Singulair, Flovent and Ventolin.

Tater wheezes a bit but I hesitate to say she is asthmatic. She is also severely allergic to eggs and we have not tested her for the non-Top 10 yet (I think that's 2012). She does have the skankiest eczema I have ever seen though.

For the most part, we keep her happy by greasing her up frequently and in globs. When her skin is very dry she tends to cry as moisturizers sting when applied to dry skin. Her knees and elbows we keep the scalies down with some hydrocortisone.

Her hands. Her poor hands. We cannot prevent those hands from cracking into great big wounds. We cannot keep her hands from being sore all the time. We try to keep it moisturized as much as we can but it is always red, chapped and scaly.

One day we will look back on this and remark how lovely her hands have turned out. For now, the battle continues with some stronger steroids and canesten. Think athlete's foot, on her hands (ewwwww).

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  1. Aw...poor babies! My hands are always super dry and cracked and bleeding too. But that's because of the climate I live in. Kisses always help. Janee