Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rub my back!

A nice new layer of snow is accumulating outside in gentle, lazy spirals. The weather is supposed to get seriously frigid towards the end of the week but all I can think of right now is the good sliding we can get out of this. We're certainly set to hit the little hill this weekend with C and his family!

Most parents will identify with this: We normally rub girl-chick's back as part of her bedtime routine. We start counting down from 10 and once we hit zero, we stop and leave the room. She's seriously anal about it too. If we forget to say zero, she demands it. Over the weekend, we've "forgotten" to rub her back probably three days in a row and had a private chuckle over how she didn't notice. Or so we thought. Last night, we were punished - she not only recounted the three missed days, she also demanded reparation in the form of DOUBLE back-rubs!

Suffice to say, we ain't forgetting again! For a while anyway...

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