Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh my daisies!

Well. That's another New Year's resolution gone awry and it's only the 12th day.

Things have been awfully busy here at the Dawson shack. I've had to paint out the wallbed and tidy up the basement. DH's mom is supposed to come in on Thursday night. Girl-chick is just realizing she will be leaving the terrible twos and escalating to give us more "memories". Little tater has goop streaming out of her eye and smells of rot. Ewww.

Add to that a birthday party and a baptism the following weekend - a little too much maybe?

Girl-chick has been saying "Oh my daisies" a lot lately... everything is punctuated with it as in "Dotsy fell down the stairs oh my DAYzuz" and "We left Barley at daycare oh my DAYzus". Ultra-cute. DH says it as a kiddy-approved version of OMJ. I think everyone I know in the Dawson clan says it. Something about being Newfoundlanders maybe?

Oh and the other one is: "Lord LIPTON dines..." which I think is some version of "By the Lord lifting..." that took a wrong turn down another street.

For a special treat yesterday, I baked a chocolate cake from a box mix - mostly to try it and figure out the logistics of it. Girl-chick LOVED it. We haven't had much luck finding stuff that is gluten-free AND egg-free that she would like. The Glutino chocolate cake mix was good - nice and moist. I picked up a heart-shaped pan from the dollar store to use as butterfly wings and baked in that - mental note: the middle needs to cook longer. It was incredibly moist and delicious - even DH approved and he is such a picky eater. He thinks it is good enough that we could make the whole cake from it and the other kids would go for it too. That would allay another paranoia - crumbs everywhere... eeeek! Every time we go to a birthday party, we have to either keep her away from crumbs the best we can (whilst patting the Epipen case) and fix the ensuing rash or pre-emptively dope her up with Benadryl.

Today, while the crowd is away, me and tater are going to do the marshmallow fondant and color it. With the friggin' buses still on strike, nothing else to do...

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