Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Blog

So, the new year is upon us. I have decided to start a blog so that family and friends who choose to can read about our (almost) daily lives and catch those little nugglets of "wisdom" girl-chick (and eventually, tater) may spout. I find myself often repeating stuff girl-chick has said to others and thinking maybe she would like a record of it too - I can always whip it out in a moment of revenge 16 years or so from now.

We're just an average upper middle-class family in Kanata, a suburb Northwest of Ottawa. We do what I would presume are fairly normal things most people do. Not one of us are über-anything. My husband and I met in University about 16 years ago - teenagers with just a touch of naivetè, got married 7 years ago and have since had two offspring. Whenever possible, Dear Husband (DH) sidles away to "kill chumps" on his 360. I try to keep all the furry mammals in my zoo as clean and fed and happy as possible. Girl-chick is going on 3 going-on-36. Innocent little tater is four months old.

As of right now kids are in bed, we're down in the basement building a Murphy bed and laundry is going full-tilt. Typical day. Girl-chick is excited about going to a friend's birthday party on Saturday and we hold it against her. "If you want to go to C's birthday party on Saturday, you must ...".

And that's the start of our new year!

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