Sunday, January 4, 2009

The hide-a-bed is not hiding

We have finally - technically - finished the Murphy wall-bed. When we bought this house, we did not imagine that we would have guests that would stay for much longer than a week at a time. Since the kids have been born, both my mom and his have been here for stretches as long as 3 months! Once the tater arrived, the three bedroom house became simply too small. It's always been a five-year plan to be in this townhouse, we are getting close to it but things happening around us have thrown any firm plans we had into the tornado of economic uncertainty. If it we me, I'd have us a new house in a hot second - I even have the plot of land and house design picked out. DH on the other hand is more of a remorse buyer. He's just a ray of sunshine that way.

OK. Now that the background has been laid down, his mom is coming for a visit for a month. In winter. Can you envision the same cramped quarters getting even more so? I mean, God love her, she's a good woman - I don't have a bad thing to say about my mom-in-law. I've known her since I was a teenager and she's always been good to me. But the woman needs somewhere to sleep for one month. The air mattress keeps needing air and telling a guest to kip on the floor is a bit harsh. So we built her a bed in the basement. From scratch. Bits of wood and screws. I'm very impressed with it. I'm very impressed with DH for slapping the thing together. Mind you, it's over-engineered - there are more screws in it than a happy hooker house, it's got three different types of safeties (AND a couple of child safety latches to boot!) and it's anchored to several studs in the wall.

It's all good.

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