Saturday, January 3, 2009

My little tater

I thought I would have LOTS to say but strangely, I don't.

We have gone to C's birthday party - it was loads of fun for girl-chick and now she knows that her birthday party is next. The cake was absolutely gorgeous - three layers with buttercream fondant and Po from Kung-Fu Panda! (I'll post a pic as soon as I get one from C's mom).

Of course, this forces me to start looking into her cake and figuring out what to do. I promised myself I would as soon as things have settled down. With Christmas and Mrs Santa over, we only have little Christmas to get through and once Tuesday night rolls around and the stew is supped, the tree comes down, the furniture gets re-arranged to the way it was and the nitty-gritty of putting on a birthday party will begin. I have been planning in my head and it is time to carry out the experiments that will lead to the final result.

So, instead of yapping away and spoiling some surprises, here's a pic of my little tater.

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