Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tater: TWO!

Can't believe my Tater is 2. Years. Young.

Has it been that long? How is it possible that the sweet, impatient baby we were expecting for Daddy's birthday is now a sassy, imperturbable toddler? When did my cuddly little potato become such a whirlwind of obstinance?

Tater's birthday started off with a family birthday close to the day she was actually born. Her godparents came out to share that day with her and it gave me a chance to do dry runs of her cake (it's supposed to be a rainbow - I have given up decorating with whipped cream icing and it may be upside down.)

and also give her the gifts we had planned. Family gifts.

She received the most adorable play barn and sippy cups from DaMan's brother and his family. They had a giant IKEA right across from the hotel they were staying at when they went to Wonderland.
Cousins from California sent her the cutest pair of boots we hope will fit around Easter.

Hiding underneath that sheet is a wooden play kitchen that DaMan set up the night before and we did our darndest to keep the kiddos out of the basement the whole day. I don't know if I can do this but here is a video of the reaction (boots and all!):

It is unfortunate that she went off camera but the squeal is priceless! As was the whole body shaking with excitement. Those kids LOVE their play kitchen and it was well worth the money spent on it. Originally, DaMan had promised to build them one from the wood left from building and then salvaging the Murphy wallbed in the old house. The project got bigger and bigger and slightly out of hand (my bad - there's just so much I want to have for the kids). Anyway, DaMan and MrG (the neighbour) agreed that it may as well be easier to buy the kitchen if I could find one for a reasonable price. The salvaged wood will become garage shelving and furniture.

We did have little friends over on the weekend for another birthday party but silly me, in the midst of the cooking and getting ready, I didn't whip out the camera for pictures. Oh well.

Here is the Tater on the day she was brought home (a week old):

At 1:

And now:

My darling girl, don't grow up too fast!

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