Monday, August 30, 2010

Girl-chick: Routine

Around our shack, we bathe the kids every night. It's not that they need it but it is a part of the routine and it is a comfortable routine that the kiddos can look forward to every night. Sometimes we skip it. We may take off to the cottage for the day and have too much fun until much too late. We may decide to go to CrazyCo instead. BUT we're talking about a routine here people.
Bathtime starts obviously in the bathroom. DaMan used to have the "Bathtub Express" but lately it's been abandoned. It was quite funny to watch him go "Chugga chugga choo choo" all the way up the stairs with two little kidlets in tow. Even the Tater would perk up and go "Choo choo" when it was mentioned.
After baths, we all jump onto the big spare bed in Girl-chick's room to dry off and get dressed. There is a ritual around this too. First, we get dried off and in the case of the Tater, greased (right now we are using Avene and the rashy areas have calmed down a lot). Then, the hair dryer is brought out. DaMan combs out Girl-Chick's wild locks, ever so gently. Me, not enough patience and that always ends in tears (hers, not mine). Tater has not much to speak of yet and still, what is there is starting those delicious little curly edges.
Tonight, Girl-Chick got braids. Because I had the patience.

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