Monday, August 9, 2010

Girl-chick: Larnin' the trade!

We are very much a do-it-your-(own-damn)-self kind of family and firmly believe that we are the best teachers for our children.

DaMan took the opportunity today to show the girl-chick how to mud.

We had these two ginormous holes in the powder room wall from a badly hung glass shelf. DaMan finally got sick of things wobbling about and sliding off said shelf so he took it off. Huge. holes. (Wish I had a picture now but imagine holes the size of a dime).

Yesterday, we made the obligatory "I'm bored, nothing to do" run to Home Depot. Girl-chick brought a bucket of mud (a.k.a. drywall compound) to the cash.

Today, Da Man gave her a thingamabobber (what the heck are they called? Trowels?) and showed her how to slap mud on the hole. (Yes mum, she's standing on the toilet lid. We have warned her not to do it unless instructed to do so by a crazy parent.)

DaMan: You see how you can put it on really thick.... and you can use the big flat side to smooth it out. You can put lots on but not too much. It's like when you put on make-up, you can't put too much on or it will look ugly.

Yes mum, he did say that.

And the Tater wanted to get in on the action too...

Next week: electrical wiring maybe?

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