Monday, February 2, 2009

We're baaaack!

I think it's shocking. The last post was probably two weeks ago. So much for using this as a vehicle for keeping in touch with family and friends.

We've had a rough two weeks. Girl-chick's birthday party had to be postponed, originally to be moved to the same day as the Tater's baptism. Both girls were sick with nasty colds. We thought for sure that Girl-chick would be destined to emerg. We kept that at bay with religious use of her puffers and kept her home a few days while the fever ran its course.

Tater didn't fare so well. We took her to the walk-in twice and to emerg at different hospitals twice. At the QCH, they swabbed her nose with this little feathery thing and confirmed RSV. We took her in for a follow-up on Tuesday past with our wonderful ped and he said, "Ummm... you should consider taking her into CHEO." And so it began.

We took the little Tater to the children's hospital. There was a line-up! The electronic doors were jammed open by the line-up. No worries. We weren't concerned or anything. We had a note and we were only going in to get her O2 sats measured. We doodled our way along the line and watched all these kids who were not very ill at all get through the triage desk and then on to the registration waiting room where we were destined to park for a while. Five minutes after hitting the triage nurse, we were done registration, we were in our own little isolation room and someone was in the room asking about insurance coverage for a semi-private room.

There goes my day...

Tater had bronchiolitis and dehydration as a result of RSV. She was all stuffed up and barely feeding. She was sucking in air so hard we could see her rib cage with every breath. So I had to camp out there with her for a few days while they poked and prodded. I looked up at the monitors every time it jangled. I held her down every time they needed to take her temp, suction all the mucous out, listen to her breathe and find a vein for the I.V. I cuddled and rocked in a chair that should have been provided along with a tube of Prep H. I barely slept (well,they came in every two hours!) in this couch thing that folded out into a Medieval torture device. I brought my Tater home four days later.

We did make it to her baptism.

Today, she has a lingering mistrust for anyone who is not Mummy or Daddy (it was touch-and-go for him!), no one can go near her face and beware anyone with a sharp poky thing.

She'll get over it. Or she'll have lots of therapist fodder.

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