Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Itchy itchy baby!

Yes, I've been remiss in even keeping my resolution of making weekly posts. It's not like anyone reads it anyway. It's more for the kids someday when we want to remind them of those special moments that may otherwise dissipate with the other mists of memory.
Tater has been itchy itchy. The eczema on her face has flared up and weeps and then get crusty. It's also been bleeding and she can't scratch her head to her satisfaction. I rub her forehead with my palsm once in a while to soothe her and she mewls with pleasure. We have an allergist appointment next Thursday and believe me, it cannot come fast enough! Girl-chick gets re-tested on the same day too so we can find out if we can challenge her with some different foods.
Tater has also been ultra-clingy. Like, I can't go upstairs without her pitching a fit. No one else can console her. No one else will try. If Daddy picks her up, she has her eyes on Mommy and her head will most likely swivel 540 degrees if I run loops around him.
Needless to say, we still have a third person in the bed. I have to admit that I love my tater in the bed still - another way for me to preserve my little baby. With girl-chick, naivete led us to believe that she had to get out of our bed or she would be in it forever. Sure, she stayed in full-time until she was about maybe 6 months old (where tater is now) and we didn't have her in her crib 100% until she was well past a year old, even now she's still welcome in our bed when she is sick or it's a weekend morning. Despite the naysayers, she loves her own bed, she respects the boundaries we have set and we enjoy the together moments we do share. If we didn't welcome the children in our bed, we wouldn't have bought a big bed.
What's happened in the last few days? Well, girl-chick is done with her antibiotics for the ear infections. The pink stuff reeks and she still drinks it down without complaint. Tater is getting better from the RSV. She still has some residual congestionbut I think we have moved on to the itchy allergy baby stage. We had a quiet Valentine's Day. Girl-chick made Daddy a card with some foam stickers. I got him a Mr Big bar while doing the groceries. Tater turned 6 months on Family Day which was also a nice quiet one. We went out to St. Hubert and met up with tater's god-parents for a late lunch. Nanny goes home tomorrow. Her help whenever she is here is always invaluable. It's just too bad she doesn't live closer.
Tater is whimpering. Gotta go.

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