Monday, February 9, 2009

It hardly rains...

...but it pours!

This past weekend is the fourth in a row we have had to schlepp a child to a walk-in or an emergency department. Fourth. Absolutely ridiculous.

Da Man shook his fists at the powers-that-be on Sunday as he loaded girl-chick into the car and drove to the walk-in nearby. With some foresight, I tossed him my DS but alas! girl-chick demanded to be cuddled the entire two hours they were there. Waiting. It was maggoty with kids and they were into all of Dr. Chan's toys. Girl-chick didn't want none of it. Of course alarm bells rang in my head when girl-chick opted out of a wonderful boiled dinner complete with salt meat on Saturday.

Within 6 hours of her first dose of Amoxicillin for her ears, she was back to being the chatterbox she normally is. Did I mention both her ears are rotten?? So at bedtime last night, not only was she back to the bla-bla-bla-ing, it was on a volume level we would call BUST.

Tater is still wheezy from the RSV but she's going to be that way for another week or two. We were forewarned. She's in better spirits and can sit up in a wobbly way now which is ultra cool. We've been baiting her with toys just out of reach to see what she would do. She would reach out, propped on one arm and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out as far as she could go. And then, PLOP! she would tip over. And smile. Or gurgle. Aren't kids funny that way?

Da Man woke up in a sweat the other day because he dreamt that the Tater skipped rolling over, crawling and cruising to go straight to RUNNING. I pishposhed it right away and told him he was paranoid. I also asked if part of the dream involved girl-chick skipping school and going straight to University. Sadly, he admitted to be paranoid but not delusional.

Tater's latest obsession is with lifting both legs in the air and pounding them back on the floor again. Loud. I wish I had that much ab control.

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