Thursday, January 7, 2010

A wallet for me - anyone else?

Ggggrrrhhhh... I've been trying for several days now to post this on FB to offer some to anyone else.
I posted the other day on FB that I made a new wallet for myself. Nothing fancy. Just a little wristlet I made by following a tute from Spool{}. Immensely pleased with my efforts, and wanting to experiment with it, I started on making more as birthday gifts for some wonderful nieces. Then a co-worker asked for one.
I got to thinking...
While I'm cutting out pieces anyway, I could mass-produce some more for other people!
So, I tried and tried to post pics on FB to see if anyone else would like one. Errors galore! I don't even know where to begin ranting about my FB experiences since the new year began.
And then, inspiration. Why not just post it here and then link back to FB?

Here is what I made for myself:

I love the combination of fabrics - mere scraps I bought from Tonic Living as remnants.The button is from Nanny's old button tin that Da Man used to rifle through as a boy. I think it came off a duffel coat belonging to someone in the Garden.

This here be the main compartment with space for credit/bank cards and space for anything else you may want to put in. I have all my cards in those pockets - holds 4 on each side or more if you double/triple up and the big section holds two pens and my check book comfortably. With bags of room to spare.

And here is a picture of the outside pocket. It holds scrap paper and receipts right now.

Wish list for upgraded versions:
  1. A zippered pocket on the back for loose change, bus tickets, passes, etc
  2. A detachable wrist strap
  3. A more expandable silhouette
If anyone reading this would like one, here is the deal:
  1. You can send me fabric of your choosing or let me choose for you (you can specify a favorite color)
  2. You have to be willing to wait - I can only sew when time and sanity allow and right now, Girl-chick's birthday looms and I have just cut out loot bags for the little girls
  3. You have to accept a certain wonkiness as I experiment
  4. You may have to fund me either in fabric or a small bit of $$ - fabric ain't cheap. Correction: NICE fabric ain't cheap
PM me if you want one. I'd love to make one for you!

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